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Advertising, Детальна інформація

Тема: Advertising
Тип документу: Реферат
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Автор: Олексій
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It is obvious that its splash of development the advertisement have got mostly owing to the greatest technological breakthrough of the passing century, like the invention of the television, radio, computer etc. Today, advertising goes far beyond television and hoardings, newspapers and magazines. For example, the manager of the clothing store is advertising by putting models wearing the store’s clothes, a bicycle manufacturer will proceed a new price-list through post to his retailers, but a world wide company will use the Internet to promote its product globally.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of means to make products popular, but it is evident, that the businesses need to advertise; otherwise no-one would learn of the existence of their wares or services. In part, advertising is aimed at conveying necessary information to customers and clients, but it is also used to persuade the public to buy Your product or service. The mastery of performing both of these tasks is called the art of advertising and it requires a basic understanding of psychology, the needs of human beings and how they can be satisfied. And this often becomes the area in which advertising is criticized, because of misleading and false advertisements. Although, to make untrue statements about goods, services or prices is prohibited by the law and ethics of advertising. But advertisers need to create a demand and to raise sales. That is why they are ready to use any innovation to meet their objectives. For instance, by using certain frequencies of TV signals, the viewers’ subconscious can be greatly influenced or even programmed to desired actions.

Nevertheless, we should admit that advertising actually enriches our lives. Commercial television is able to provide us with free programmes thanks to its advertising revenues, local newspapers and magazines derive also much revenue from advertising, which allows them to exist. At least, advertising makes people mind go far in their creativity, generating over and over new interesting ideas.

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