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Smoking, Детальна інформація

Тема: Smoking
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Предмет: Медицина, БЖД
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Do you know that 70% of teenagers are smoking. However

They don’t understand that cigarettes are very dangerous.

Some children smoke because it is very widespread between teens, some because they like it, but some young

people smoke because it is very craze.

In my favorite magazine I read very interesting article about addictive of yang man:

“I smoke from fifth form and I can’t get rid of it. My mother told me that when I continue do it I fall ill by

cancer. I try finish do it but the cigarettes are too addictive. These days I smoke forty cigarettes smoking stops me playing basketball and football because I can’t run so fast.

I’ve read that one gram of nicotine may kill one horse.

Lots of yang people smoke, and if they are not finish do it smoking take over their lives.

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