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Decline of Ukrainian statehood and culture (1712-1783), Детальна інформація

Тема: Decline of Ukrainian statehood and culture (1712-1783)
Тип документу: Реферат
Предмет: Історія України
Автор: Ліпіч Віталій
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Скачувань: 2580
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Lipich Vitalii

Form 11-V

School 1

Lutsk - 2002

After defeat of Mazepa, tsar Peter intensified his efforts to

subjugate Ukraine. Hetman Skoropadskyi had his powers restricted by

Russian supervisors. His residence was transferred from Baturyn to

Hlukhow near Russian border, where two Russian garrisons were stationed

to ensure his loyalty to Moscow.

Ukrainian population became burdened by plundering Russian military

units, dispersed throughout the country. Cossacks were sent to work on

construction of canals near St Petersburg, connecting river Volga with

Baltic Sea, where they died in thousands from hunger, exhaustion and

sickness. Many Cossack colonels were replaced by Russian nationals.

In 1722, tsar appointed a council called "Little Russian

Collegiate", controlled by senior Russian officers and headed by

brigadier Velmyaninow, to monitor and audit hetman's activities and

decisions. This, for practical purposes, transferred all powers to

Russians, leaving Cossack hetman and his officers only with empty


Hetman Skoropadskyi was very upset by such situation; he became ill

and died in 1722. tsar Peter used this opportunity to abolish the

office of hetman altogether. He directed Cossack colonel Polubotok to

perform hetman's duties under supervision of Velmyaninow and refused to

agree to Cossack requests to elect new hetman.

Russian occupiers continued to persecute and impoverish Ukrainian

population. They kept sending more Cossacks to work on construction of

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