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Навчання фонетичного матеріалу, Детальна інформація

Тема: Навчання фонетичного матеріалу
Тип документу: Реферат
Предмет: Мова, Лінгвістика
Автор: фелікс
Розмір: 0
Скачувань: 2143
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Keep quite quiet.

Care killed a cat, not work. There was an old man

Who when little

Fell casually into a kettle.

But growing too stout.

He could never get out.

So he spent all his life in that kettle.


go, begin, egg, begged

get, agrec, bag, big man

I’ve got to be going.

We agreed to go there together.

A good dog deserves a good bone.

I like to go out into the garden.

I like to get up the wall.

I like to do anything really,

But I hate to do nothing at all.


velvet, vase, vote

of, love, live

never, river, over

As I was going to St. Ives

I met a man with seven wives.

Every sack had seven cats,

Every cat had had seven kits.

Kits, cats, sacks and wives.

How many of them were going to St. Ives?


you, your, yes

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