Технологія навчання іншомовного матеріалу, Детальна інформація

Технологія навчання іншомовного матеріалу
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Kitty is walking now.

You are not right. Kitty is standing now.

T: I am talking with you now.

P1: You are talking now.

T: They are writing on the blackboard.

P2: No, you are not right. They are jumping.

T: She is drawing now.

P3: Yes, you are right. You are drawing now.

б) підстановка у ЗМ.

T: Fill in: am, is, are.

1. She … going to school now.

2. They … having breakfast.

3. I … reading a book now.

4. Nick … learning a poem now.

5. John and Kitty … singing a song now.

в) Трансформація ЗМ.

1) T: Transform the following sentences into the Present Continuous Tense.

T: Every day Bill goes to school.

P1: He is going to school now.

T: Every day the children play with toys.

P2: They are playing with toys now.

T: I usually dance at birthday parties.

P3: I’m dancing now.

2) Make the following sentences negative.

T: I am sleeping now.

P1: I am not sleeping now.

T: He is drawing a picture.

P2: He is not drawing a picture.

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